Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Live your Swiss Dream

When one thinks of Switzerland, one instantly drifts into a dreamland where the quintessential Bollywood seductress, enthrals her blue chiffon around the lustrous green pines of the marvellous Alps giving way to the typical assembly of colourful and exotic flowers. There is a valid reason as to why our film industry loves the rocky escapades of Jungfrau. Switzerland has a lot to offer, whether you are going there on a family vacation with your loved ones, or you are going there to celebrate the commencement of a new journey with your better half. Be it the cosmic clanking sounds generated in unison from bells ordained by the grazing cattle, or the fierce jolts of crystalline water carving its way through the mountains to form the Trummelbach Falls, Switzerland will in every way enchant and intrigue your senses.

If you are travelling on a certain budget, then there are many packages to suit your needs. Several websites offer custom made Switzerland Tour Packages. A good way to go about your tour would be to cover the major cities like Bern, Geneva and Zurich. Mount Titlis is a must and has a little Bollywood surprise waiting for you (on the highest peak of Europe) believe it or not! The museum encasing glacial rocks next to the mirror hall will definitely bewilder your mind. So whether it’s Swiss chocolates, or the charming tramlines, the majestic mountains or the panorama that excites you, Switzerland is the dream destination for you!

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