Saturday, 24 January 2015

A mesmerizing Golden Pass Tour Switzerland

Swiss Tour packages
Switzerland has always been and still remains the most desired holiday destination for many around the world. Switzerland Tours are providing their clients with a multitude of offers and packages that will take you across the vivid landscape of this beautiful country. The Golden Pass Tour Switzerland takes you across Lucerne, Interlaken and Montreux. Within the price of the package, customers get a Swiss pass to Golden Pass, which includes transfer to and from the Swiss National Border. For all train journeys, customers get a first class seat reservation. Apart from these, the package covers all the basic amenities like stay and breakfast. The package entails 2 nights in Lucerne, 2 nights in Interlaken and 1 night in Montreux. The best part is that if you book for optional excursions by, you get 25-50 % off on the tickets. 

The Swiss Tour packages offered by are one of the best available in the market. I have recently been on a trip to Switzerland availing one of their packages and the experience was both exhilarating and enriching. While the country in itself is an altogether splendid experience, they ensure that your experience is also a very comfortable and convenient one. One can visit their website to know more about the various tour packages they offer. One can also get a tour customized to their desires, which have to be especially asked for.

Book with and have a wonderful holiday in the snow paradise of the world!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Tours of Switzerland For Vacations

Switzerland Tours
Switzerland is a country of astounding beauty which puts tourists in a fix as they are confused as to which regions to cover and which to be explored later. Proper knowledge of the Swiss offerings may help travellers to take a decision regarding the itinerary while planning Tours of Switzerland. One can start their journey at the city of Lucerne located right at the heart of Switzerland. A sojourn to Mt Titlis can be arranged from here.

Switzerland is famous for its Golden Pass train which takes tourists to Interlaken. One can choose to take a side trip to Jungfraujoch, and then to the luxurious and very posh Gstaad. A meal at the panoramic restaurant of Piz Gloria must not be missed. Once the destination of Montreux is reached, a small trip to the resort of Zermatt at the foothills of the towering Matterhorn can be arranged. In the many Tours of Switzerland, one can also include the Chillon Castle, Lausanne, Geneva etc. From Montreux, undertake a Northward journey on board the Glacier Express to the tres chic and elegant St Moritz via Oberalp Pass. This momentous journey will overwhelm you with the wondrous sights of the hills showered with chalets and winding streams and rolling meadows. Ending the journey at Zurich is ideal, with visits to art museums, souvenir shops and the Old Town.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Explore Switzerland With Train Tours

Train Tours
Explore the magnificence of Switzerland with train tours taking you across landscapes never seen before. This hilly country will surprise you with its breathtaking landscapes every step of the way. Just when you think you’ve seen the most beautiful sight, you are presented with an even more panoramic scene. So, come, discover the best of Switzerland with Switzerland Tours. Choose from the multiple packages available on the website and find customized Switzerland tours. Switzerland becomes even more breathtaking when explored with train tours and to make that experience even more enriching, so don’t miss out on the opportunity and book yourself and your dear ones a memorable holiday to the heavenly country of Switzerland.

There are special packages available for couples on their honeymoon to make their dreams of a Swiss holiday even more remarkable. From idling away in the quiet sojourn of Swiss vistas, to playing in the winter wonderland and sighting some of the best landscapes ever, Switzerland promises you a zenith of bliss. Skiing is a beautiful winter sport that tourists like to enjoy while on the peaks of Switzerland. Sky-high mountains with lofty peaks, exotic flowers and parks, mesmerizing towns with crystal clear lakes and wonderful vistas with cozy trains captures your mind and heart and soul with an everlasting glee and longing to return to this lofty paradise for the rest of their lives.

Choose Switzerland Tours and make your journey in the Swiss haven even more mesmerizing.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

A blissful honeymoon in Switzerland

tours to switzerland
Switzerland is a harmonious amalgamation of mesmerizing landscapes where the incredible resides. Lofty snow-capped mountain peaks, cows jangling their bells, serene valleys, crystal-clear azure lakes, breathtaking vistas make Switzerland a majestic world that every person around the world wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. Every couple in the world dreams of a Swiss honeymoon, and Switzerland tours is making these dreams come true with their exclusive train tour packages all over Switzerland. The beauty of Switzerland is best explored by trains and with Switzerland Tours customers enjoy a beautiful holiday.

Honeymoon in Switzerland, the eternal land of snow and ice, is an idyllic affair. Nature shines in pristine glory with picturesque villages and exotic towns; Switzerland offers a heavenly backdrop to your honeymoon. Be it summer, fall or the eternal winter, this country conjures up a perfect gateway to a peaceful sojourn making your Swiss holiday a divine experience. Everything oozes charm in the glory of Switzerland and everything seems exotic with the chill in the air. Explore the small towns on foot, take carriage rides, visit the beautiful churches, roam the countryside, and cherish your time in the Swiss province, because there is no place better to enjoy nature’s bounty. Indulge in a peaceful time in the historic village of Gstaad and have a happy time, taking memories of a lifetime with you. Relish the local delicacies, drink the ambrosial Swiss wine and have a happy honeymoon!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Switzerland Tour Packages- Key to An Economical Vacation in Switzerland

Switzerland Tours
As it is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, Switzerland is skipped by many budget travellers. But with the availability of multiple Switzerland tour packages, travellers can heave a sigh of relief. Financial institutions, fine cheeses and chocolates, the flourishing watch making industry, its beautiful landscapes and an excellent public network are the things which this country is known for but the one thing for which the travellers visit Switzerland the most is a honeymoon.

A Honeymoon in Switzerland is every couples’ dream.  With so many places to visit and so much to do, you could be easily be baffled by the beauty of this magnificent country. It is absolutely breathtaking there, huge mountains, sparkly blue lakes.. the entire place looks like a postcard . One activity the couples can enjoy is skiing. Switzerland is the birthplace of skiing and it offers much more than slopes and chalets. From art to food to outdoor adventures, fall is a fantastic time to visit this small country, when airfare and hotels are less expensive, crowds are gone, and changing foliage is a colourful addition to lake and mountain vistas.

Another activity couples would love is hiking. With thousands of miles of well-marked trails, Switzerland is a mecca for hikers of all abilities. Stroll in the shadow of the iconic Matterhorn on the Zermatt Lake Trail, take in the country’s history on the Swiss Path along Lake Luzern, or spot native animals like the Ibex or Marmot hiking through Swiss National Park in Graubunden. Switzerland Tourism offers a free iphone app that details 32 of the country’s routes.

Friday, 31 October 2014

My best vacation ever with Switzerland tour packages

I had a dream that one day I would visit the beautiful country of Switzerland and discover its untold treasures and yeah you guessed it right, my dream became true. Such is the power of dreams! Me and my friend, while trying to download a movie online completed a short survey just for the sake of downloading it. Two weeks after that, I received a mail from that OTA that I had won a Switzerland Tour Package.

I can’t even think of any word which could ever describe the beauty of Switzerland. Of course everyone have their favourite places, but when it comes to this country a visit to Interlaken is a must. Interlaken is a fantastic experience, whether it’s taking a walk along Höhematte, taking in a open air rock concert, or taking an excursion up into the mountains. If you’ve got a few extra bucks to shed, then you are most welcome to visit the casino of Interlaken.

Carriages rides, farm visits and the alpine game park all add up to a spectacular vacation. Interlaken tour packages are many but nothing compared to the value of my package. We did miss a few places in the town but it is totally understandable and if you are a fan of trains, then you would definitely love Bödeli-Bahn. This sightseeing train would take you on a half-hour unforgettable journey through the towns of Interlaken, Unterseen and Matten.

There are many things I would like to do when I go to Switzerland next time. Hope my experience fuels your urge to visit Switzerland!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Live your Swiss Dream

When one thinks of Switzerland, one instantly drifts into a dreamland where the quintessential Bollywood seductress, enthrals her blue chiffon around the lustrous green pines of the marvellous Alps giving way to the typical assembly of colourful and exotic flowers. There is a valid reason as to why our film industry loves the rocky escapades of Jungfrau. Switzerland has a lot to offer, whether you are going there on a family vacation with your loved ones, or you are going there to celebrate the commencement of a new journey with your better half. Be it the cosmic clanking sounds generated in unison from bells ordained by the grazing cattle, or the fierce jolts of crystalline water carving its way through the mountains to form the Trummelbach Falls, Switzerland will in every way enchant and intrigue your senses.

If you are travelling on a certain budget, then there are many packages to suit your needs. Several websites offer custom made Switzerland Tour Packages. A good way to go about your tour would be to cover the major cities like Bern, Geneva and Zurich. Mount Titlis is a must and has a little Bollywood surprise waiting for you (on the highest peak of Europe) believe it or not! The museum encasing glacial rocks next to the mirror hall will definitely bewilder your mind. So whether it’s Swiss chocolates, or the charming tramlines, the majestic mountains or the panorama that excites you, Switzerland is the dream destination for you!