Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A unique Alpine exploration- Golden Pass tour of Switzerland

Switzerland is a country popular for its chocolates, cheese, lakes, the Alps among many others. It is also a country which is favoured by all and sundry as the perfect destination for vacations. A tour to Switzerland is symbolic in a number of ways, attracting honeymoons for couples around the world. The spotlight of this Swiss getaway falls on the Golden Pass tour- a grand and beautiful train route. One can begin this Golden Pass tour of Switzerland with Lucerne- a delightful city that offers the right balance between contemporary township and that nostalgic old world feel, that begins with the statue of the Dying Lion to the Sammlung Rosengart Museum housing works by Picasso.

The wonderful train ride takes one on a fairytale journey as it winds its way around castles and chalets, crossing uneven yet lush terrains, past the Brünig Pass and Giessbach Falls. Let your cameras be ready, meanwhile, to capture those unique moments that your mind could not memorise. Journeying further along the shores of the lake of Thun, the crowded yet quaint town of Interlaken extends its greetings with the awe inspiring panorama of Jungfrau.

As you continue with this picturesque southbound journey, Zweissimen will fall on your path. One can spend a day in this village and take in the beauty. Tourists and adventurers can find delight in Simmental, Seebergsee and Saanenmöser Pass while they are in Zweissimen. Gstaad, the playground of the rich and famous is also a town to behold indeed, perhaps a one day stop, as the train meanders its way around vineyards. The Golden Pass tour of Switzerland comes to a halt at Montreux with the scenic vistas of Lake Geneva. While there, the well known Chillon Castle is always worth a visit. Give your tour a fantastic conclusion with romantic walks along the lakeshores of Geneva.

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